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Welcome To
KJ Web Designs
Customized Services & Maintenance For Business and Personal Websites

Whether you would like a small website, a large one, or customized graphics, logos, or ads, KJ Web Designs will work with you until your desired goal is achieved.
Not only will your site be designed to your specs, it will be dependably maintained per your individual needs. "Raw HTML Coding" is always used, which allows easier access to the "bones" of your site.
My current customers are listed in the "Portfolio" section of this site. You will find easy navigation to their references as well as their websites and email addresses (used with permission).
PRICES: Since each customer has individual specs & requirements, I quote to each patron on a per job basis. Maintenance agreements vary between customers, and are not always necessary or a part of the original's all up to you. You may send email from the nav-bar at the left to request any information you may need.

K. Jones, Owner: KJ Web Designs, P.O. Box 291, Laurinburg, NC 28353
FAX # [910] 276-5060 - <> - ICQ# 24917549
Designer is a member of the HTML Writers Guild, Web Prestige,
Web Designers Group & The Paint Shop Pro Users Group