WDD Banner Exchange Member *Free 1/1 Display Ratio*
WDD Banner Exchange Member *Free 1/1 Display Ratio*

KJ Web Designs
Banner Customers & Sample Banners

Banners are free for Personal Pages. Please contact Designer for information regarding both Personal Page Banners and Business Site Banners. Detailed descriptions of what you'd like are most helpful. Please include the URL to your site also.

I will also design buttons following the guidelines above.

88x31 Sample:

Most banner exchange programs require the standard size of 400x40 pixels and under 10 bytes. Most of these samples are 400x40 unless otherwise specified and all are under 10 bytes.
Unless marked "Sample", these banners were designed for myself and customers:

* The angel on this banner was created with an actual photo courtesy
Langley Photography
Scanning, Wings and background; effects & imaging were added by KJWebDesigns

* Special Order: 400x75 *

* Special Orders: 350x75 *
*Existing Design Owned by Klaaskids;
*Resized by KJWebDesigns For A Banner Rotation Program*

Animated Banners - GIF Format - Various Dimensions

ALL banner customers must place the KJWebDesigns link and/or logo on their website.

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